2000LM Solar LED Pathway and Street Light


Solar Street Lights

Here I have our 2000lm Solar LED Pathway and Street Light. This solar light is personally one of my favorite lights because of the design and concept of the light. As you all know, we are all about saving here at greentek and this light eliminates the need for any power so you are completely off the grid!

The light is pretty simple yet very unique. You have a solar panel, led diodes, a PIR motion senosor AND battery all in one complete fixture. So no more digging up the ground to hide youru battery or installing large panels on top of poles. All that is needed is a pole or wall to mount the 4 bolts to. This light also has a bracket that can fit most standard poles.

With this light, it turns on for 6 hours and after 6 hours it turns into a motion light. You can find these from schools to malls to construction sites to even military basis!

Thanks for watching. Give us a call at 770-744-1300 or email us at support@greentekenergysystems.com.

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  • Sherri Turner
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