Introducing The VersaT8 By GreenTek

Introducing The VersaT8 By GreenTek


GreenTek has recently released, the most innovative LED tube on the market, The VersaT8. This LED tube has unique capabilities because of it’s installation process, lighting efficiency, and price point.

The biggest difference between this tube compared to the market’s ballast compatible tubes is the capability to direct wire the fixture to 110-277V once the ballast dies. Most plug and play applications require you to go back in the market and install a new inefficient ballast. Now, with the LED Versa Tubes, there is no need to purchase a new driver. Simple and easy installation is what this product brings to the table. See the new VersaT8 in action below.

Besides the install, these tubes provide a high lumen to watt ratio at 115 watts per lumen. Also, when installing this tube as a plug and play feature, the ballast draw from the driver is nearly unnoticeable. Furthermore, the power factor is greater than .99 at a CRI over 90. These specifications are at the top of the line for any LED tube in the market.

Lastly, the price point is unbeatable for the value this tube brings. Compared to other major manufacturers, such as Phillips Instafit, this tube retails for nearly half the price at $12.99.

Providing great value at a competitive price point, GreenTek strives to continue to provide the best service possible for its customers.

GreenTek is looking to change the industry once again by unveiling our best product yet, The VersaT8.


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