All-In-One LED Solar Lights

All-In-One LED Solar Lights

In industry leader in all in one LED solar lights, GreenTek continues to provide exceptional products at unbelievable prices.

GreenTek offers numerous models and today we are overviewing the 6w, 9w, 12w, 20w, 40w, and 80w Solar LEDs. The installation on these lights is incredibly easy. You want to flip on the light, and take the bracket and bolt to any pole with the bracket provided.

The advantages of going solar:

  • No need to dig up the ground for wiring
  • Saving energy
  • Lowers energy bill
  • Easy installs
  • Light anywhere there’s adequate sun

How do these solar lights work? In an aluminum alloy casing, this light consists of LEDs, Lithium Ion Battery, a solar panel, and PIR motion sensor.

This light automatically turns on when the sun stops charging the panel. This light turns on for 6 hours. Within these 6 hours, if there is no motion, the light dims to 50%. After 6 hours, the light becomes a motion light. This applies for all solar lights except for our 9w Solar LED. This is a dusk to dawn light. It will be at 100% for 5 hours and 25% of the lumen output afterward.

These lights have been installed at mall parking lots, oil, property management groups, and many more. With thousands of these in the market, these are proven and a reliable product.

How many hours does the light need to charge? It really depends on the light, however it takes about 9-10 hours of sun. Therefore, it usually takes 2 days to fully charge. Even if the light is not fully charged, this light will still turn on.


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