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Hotel Energy Management Systems

GreenTek Energy Systems

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*Delivery time can be  3 to 4  weeks

 The GreenTek KEYCARD Control System was developed to control energy consumption in hotel, motel and time-share guest rooms. The opportunity to substantially reduce these costs exists when the guests leave their room without turning down the heat, A/C or turning off the lights, TV, etc. GreenTek provides an innovative approach to reducing these costs by the use of its wireless radio frequency (RF) control system. These control the HVAC and the slave wall switches and plugs. The System is used with the standard guest room keycard or custom fob.

Why Select GreenTek Hotel Guest Room Energy Control Systems:

- Reduce Guest Room energy usage 25%-45% with a payback on investment from 1 to 2 years
- Can purchase basic system and add additional components later ( key card system only)
- Wireless technology uses microchip controlled RF (radio frequency) communication - no need to connect parts with hard wires
- Average room installed in less than 40 minutes
- Works with every type of guest room HVAC
- Easily maintained by hotel personnel; repairs are as simple as changing out a wall switch or plug
- 18 month, limited warranty on all parts


Standard Packages:

The packages shown are for 24V input on the thermostat.  For 12V, 120V, 277V please call 770.744.1300 . 

PIR Basic (PIR thermostat)

PIR + door sensor (PIR Thermostat + sliding door sensor)

Key Card Basic package (Master Keycard  Switch, Thermostat + PTAC module)

Key Card Basic METAL KEY package (Master Keycard Metal Key Switch, Thermostat + PTAC module)

Key Card Optimal package (Master Keycard  Switch, Thermostat + PTAC module, always enabled light switch, single control outlet)

Key Card METAL KEY Optimal package (Master Keycard  Metal Key Switch, Thermostat + PTAC module, always enabled light switch, single control outlet)


For more information or custom orders please call 770.744.1300