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How to use the Greentek solar street lights

1. What is integrated solar street light ?
   The integrated solar street light is an intelligent outdoor lighting system that integrates the best energy saving parts---solar panel, led lamp ,sensor,controller and lithium battery all in one box. During the day the highly efficient solar panel collects energy from the sun and stores the power in the advanced lithium battery. At night the powerful Led would automatically be turned on providing light. When motion is detected,the Led would increase in brightness to provide an abundance of extra lighting for anyone in the area. After 20 seconds or when motion is no longer detected, the light drops down in brightness to conserve power. This intelligent feature allows the  solar powered street light to save power when no one is in range or utilizing the light, meaning a much longer run time than you would expect from a similar size solar lighting. 

2. What are the main components of integrated solar street light?
   The item is composed by built-in: high efficiency solar module/panel, high capacity LiFePO4 battery, controller with micro-computer MPPT function,Bridgelux Led and infrared body sensor.(light pole is not included)

3. What is the theory of integrated solar street light?
   During the day, in the sunshine, the electricity converted by solar modules is stored in the battery. At night, solar light turn on automatically using the electricity of the battery.
4. What are the features of all in one solar street light?
  a.Integrated design, integrated light source, the new high-capacity lithium batteries, integrated solar modules and automatic controller,motion sensor.
  b.Easy to install and maintain, without cables,without equipped with special poles,functional components of a modular design, installation, maintenance,more convenient and   more  quick.
  c.Using solar power systems, pure green energy, inexhaustible,optimal energy for environment.
  d.High-capacity lithium-ion batteries, high energy, long life, light weight, green environmental production, does not produce any harmful substances.
  e.Using LED light source, no diffuse effect, with a high light efficiency, coupled with a unique secondary optical design, exposure to the wider region, to improve the efficiency of light once again. And the LED light source has a long life, high luminous efficiency, light color uniform and other advantages, also the best blue green products.
  f.Shell is made of aluminum material with light weight, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and other characteristics, to ensure that products meet moist, hydroelectric acid environment.
  g.Control system uses industrial-grade components manufacturing, adapt to harsh environments, and ensure to bright all the night.

5. How to choose the best suitable products?(Below for your reference)
 a.Installation height 7-10M: normally select IN-230,IN-240,IN-250,IN-260, LED power are 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W characteristics are high brightness, high power, a wide range of lighting. ideal for school sports, docks, ports and other places or width of 15-25 meters of road.
 b.Installation height 5-7M: normally select IN-215,IN-218,IN-220,IN-225, LED power are 15W, 20W, 25W characteristics are brightness, medium power, lighting range is suitable for rural, residential, parks. schools and other sidewalk or road width of 10-15M.
 c.Installation 3-5M height: normally select IN-108,IN-112, LED power are 8W, 12W characteristics are low power, cost-effective.suited for rural roads, roadway, residential,garden,or road width of 2-10M.

6. What should be done before installation?
  Firstly, Once you receive it, please check the complete parcel, and test light's basic function lighting to confirm it can work perfectly.
  Secondly, Considering the security, We didn't charge the battery fully before shipping the all in one/integrated solar street light to you, so please charge the light at daytime for 3 days without lighting/discharging at night.
  Thirdly, please remove the plastic wrap on the light source,turn on the switch,please be advised that there’s a 10s buffer time before leds light up.  

7. How to install all in one solar street light?
  Installation is very easy, just to lay the foundation on a straight bar, then it can be installed, Fix the product with a right angle, keep the solar panel face the sky, and make sure no shelter on the surface of solar panel.usually two workers can complete the installation only with a wrench in 5 minutes,neither the use of heavy equipment(like crane)or tools,nor technical support or engineer guidance.

8. What to do with the rainy day or cloudy/rainy day?
   The outdoor solar light is waterproof. You don’t need to worry about it. After fully charged, the capacity of battery can keep the LED working in about 7 rainy/ cloudy days.

9. If you find the light brightness is down or total off, how to handle it? 
   It proves the power of solar light battery is not enough to support normal lighting, so it need to be charged in 2-3 good sunny days, especially in Winter season, the sunlight intensity is much below the standard sunlight (1000kw/m2), it may need more longer time to charge.

10. Why the charging efficiency is low in winter or cloudy day?
    Generally the sunlight standard is 1000kw/m2, in the winter or cloudy day, the sunlight intensity are much lower than standard so the charging efficiency is lower accordingly. 

11. How many cycles full charge & discharge about your battery?
    In 100% discharging deepness, it can be cycled for 2000 times; in floating charging and discharging status, it can be cycled for 5-8 years.

12. How many hours the lamp full charged?
    Depend on sunlight. In summer,it needs only 4-6 hrs while in winter 9-10 hrs. 

13. What's the color temperature you can make?
    2700K to 6500K for option, please tell us in advance for which range you want, otherwise we send the 6000-6500K as default.
14. Can we choose our own sensor mode?
    Our factory makes time sensor and motion control mode for option. Human sensor means light full on when human body come nearly, and keep 20% light when human far away. Time control means full light on during the previous half night, and keep 20% light on during last half night. We can also set your own program, such as 3 hrs continually full light on, then full light on after 3 hrs interval, etc.

15. How many years warranty for the lamp? 
    2 years warranty for the whole lamp, if lamp stops working, customers only need to replace the battery.